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Psychiatric Service Dog.

If interested in our train your own service dog program send us an email.    


All programs require a letter from a doctor. 


The psychiatric service dog is trained in specialized tasks to assist individuals who suffer from PTSD - post-traumatic stress disorder along with other mental health conditons, such as: social anxiety, depression, severe anxiety, agoraphobia, bipolar etc.  This professionally  trained  dog can be trained in boundaries (increasing the space around them), deep pressure therapy, medical alert and getting help when needed.  The unconditional love that a dog has for their person helps the recipient to feel loved and needed increasing self-esteem. Each one of our psychiatric dogs is specifically trained for your needs.


The psychiatric service dog can be trained to alert a person with severe anxiety before the episode occurs.  We train the dog to alert the recipient by pawing or nudging with the nose, this helps remind the person to either remove themselves from the element that may be causing the stress or episode.  Many times just removing themselves from the area can stop the episode from going forward.


Deep pressure therapy (DPT) is a task that is used when the recipient is feeling the onset of a panic attack or during a full-blown episode.  The dog’s task is to lie on the person’s lap (DPT) or by the side during an anxiety attack as the dog lies there and the recipient starts to focus and feel the calming effects of the dog they start to calm down. Family and friends have said that the trained dog is able to calm their loved one down, something they have not been able to achieve on their own.


In addition to all of the above these working service dogs provide a measure of emotional support for the recipient; they help increase confidence and are a distraction during unpleasant medical procedures.







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